Makers Assemble

To rapidly respond to the spread of COVID-19 through innovations, Ghana Tech Lab is embarking on a program called the Makers Assemble. This program is being supported by GIZ.

The Makers Assemble program is basically a program to rapidly develop innovations that can combat COVID-19 in Ghana. The program is in 2 phases: Bootcamp & Production. The Bootcamp officially starts on 10th July and lasts for a week. Through the Bootcamp, the innovators and makers will converge and come up with ideas and prototypes after which the Production will begin.

The Production phase will involve the Makers producing in large quantities innovations (from 2 Production Centres) that were conceptualised at the Bootcamp. After these innovations are approved, they will be distributed to relevant stakeholders such as frontline workers, schools, etc.

Through the Makers Assemble, GIZ is empowering Ghana Tech Lab to help the fight against COVID-19 in Ghana by leveraging on digital innovations.

The program starts with a 1-week bootcamp to be held in Accra after which there will be a 5-week building phase (production). The bootcamp will focus on ideation and prototyping while the production phase will focus on mass production of innovation designed.